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Our approach to system design makes the difference in our products...and in our service.

The Problem
The open architecture and low cost nature of the personal computer revolution has created a standard in computing and accelerated industrial and office automation which has penetrated, and is now expanding in, the home automation market. This industry migration to more personal, low profile and low cost computing has forced personal computers of recent generations back to a more "closed" and "dedicated" architecture, therefore limiting their use as building blocks in high tech, corporate and industrial system solutions.
The Solution
We at Rackmount Equipment.com have foreseen this problem and, for the past 18 years, have focused our design effort to create cost effective, open architecture computing building block solutions. Our systems are both standard and compatible with existing systems to high profile and well-managed 19-inch rack SuperSystems at a fraction of the cost of mainframe computers. We can house multiple computers in one enclosure and provide ample redundant power and cooling with protection against shock and vibration for the entire system.
The Benefits
Our approach to computer system design ensures against obsolescence by allowing component level upgrades, thus expanding system design integrity and life cycle far beyond conventional methods. Your investment in computer chassis and enclosures should last a lifetime. In fact, our best selling computer chassis was designed and produced over 15 years ago and it can house the newest and most advanced motherboards and peripheral components available today. You can rest assured that we are committed to maintaining and reinforcing our fight against obsolescence in our present and future product designs.