RC0101 - Ultra Cooled 1U Super Server


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  • Drive Bays
    • 4 bays total
    • Two 1” removable drive brackets (compatible with SCSI SCA 80-pin hots-wappable or IDE ATA66 cold-swappable)
    • One slimline CD-ROM
    • One standard 3.5” FDD space.
    • For more drive options, go here.
  • Power Supply options
    • 150W, 200W, 250W and 300W 1U ATX power supplies
  • Motherboard options
    • Standard ATX, Intel L440GX and Sun Ultra Sparc AXe
    • 12”x9.6” Standard ATX board
    • 12”x13” Intel L440GX server board
    • 12”x9.6” Sun Ultra Sparc AXe server board
  • Expansion slot
    • One PCI slot.
    • For Intel and ATX: One PCI riser card included with chassis
    • For Sun: Sun provides a riser card with the motherboard
    • One SCSI SCA 80-pin expansion slot on rear panel
  • Mounting Method
    • Front handles for easy installation
    • 19'" front and rear telescopic mounting brackets
    • Optional 1U Slide rails
  • Security Device
    • Front panel with jack screws for security
    • Front handles for easy installation and conservation in rack
    • Telescopic Mounting bracket lockable for both front and rear chassis in rack
  • Cooling
    • High Volume Air Flow under dual CPU processors or up to 1GB processor from Intel, AMD and Cyrix, drive speed up to 15000 rpm hard drive…etc.
    • Four 4cm ball bearing fans installed behind hard drives
    • Two 4cm ball bearing fans installed at rear right side of chassis
    • Each ball bearing fan has 12V@0.09A, 0.99W, 8000 rpm speed, Air flow: 9.2 CFM.
    • Two 4cm fan inside the power supply
    • Total Air Flow: 6 fans, 55.2 CFM
    • Total Air Flow (including power supply): 8 fans, 73.6 CFM
  • OEM Customization
    • Front door can be customized to customers specifications
    • 1" x 1" Logo Window located on left side of front panel for your company logo
  • Dimensions
    • 19” x 1.75” x 24” / W x H x D
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