RC0101 - Ultra Cooled 1U Super Server


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The ULTRA COOLED 1U SUPER SERVER chassis comes packed with all these STANDARD features:

  • Customizable front door with 1" square logo mount
  • Front mounting ears PLUS telescoping rear mounting ears, eliminating the need for mounting shelves or special brackets
  • Front accessible removable hard drive mount cages allowing for quick field exchange of failed drives. Optional hot swappable SCA SCSI and IDE backplanes are also available
  • Front accessible slim notebook style CD ROM drive and 3.5" floppy mounting bracket.
  • 73 CFM of strategically guided airflow provided by eight (8) 9.2 CFM fans, providing redundancy and assuring adequate cooling of hot running system components such as HD, CPU and RAM.
  • 1 PCI slot and riser card.
  • Support for both Intel standard and Sun AXe motherboards via interchangeable rear I/O panel.
  • Optional rear mounted high density 68 pin SCSI connector for access to external RAID systems.
  • Motherboard options:
    • Standard ATX - 12" X 9.6"
    • Intel L440 GX - 12" x 13" server board
    • Intel CA810EAL - 9.875" x 9.875"
    • Sun Ultra Sparc AXe - 12" x 9.6" server board
  • Power supply options: 150W, 200W, 250W and 300W 1U ATX power supplies.
  • Optional accessories
  • For more drive bays, review the new RC0111 chassis that's about to hit the market.

Available in beige or black powder coat
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