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The CPUs are mounted on the motherboard at an angle using our proprietary CPU riser cards and cooled with our proprietary CPU coolers and duct works.

The exhaust temperature for a fully loaded dual processor server running at 750Mhz with dual hotplug Ultra 160 SCA-SCSI drives at our lab was only 16ºC over the intake ambient temperature.

Our 1U chassis are designed to accommodate all the upcoming dual FlipChip motherboards from the major motherboard manufacturers. Our copyrighted and patent pending cooling solutions can provide cooling for over 3 GHz of processing. If you are designing a server at this time and need help, please contact our Chief Design Engineer, Rockney Alavi.

Rockney is the designer of the RC0101 chassis and has over 18 years experience designing rackmount servers and chassis.

This solution is only available in a barebones configuration. Please ask your sales representative for details.


Available in beige or black powder coat
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