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This feature packed 1U chassis gives you the capacity and functionality of a much larger chassis in a 1U space (1.75")!

The most critical and challenging factor for such space saving design is keeping the components cool. Our engineers used their 17 years of rackmount design experience to create a unique and cooling efficient chassis.

By providing ample air flow and directing the air strategically through the chassis and over the hot components, the RC0101 is so efficient at cooling the system that we've applied for a patent on our design.

©2000 CCSI Patent pending

Our design incorporates eight 9.2 cfm fans (including 2 in the power supply - 1 intake and 1 exhaust) for a total of 73.6 cfm of cooling. Cool air is drawn in through the hard drive cage and blown into the motherboard compartment and is then exhausted through 2 fans located in the right rear corner. Air is also exhausted through the fan at the rear of the power supply.

In order to accomplish this arrangement of fans, a totally new unique asymmetrical chassis design was required. We have also designed our chassis to accommodate full sized 12" X 13" dual processor motherboards such as the Intel Nightshade, which most of the competitive products on the market do not accommodate. Even if these chassis do allow the mounting of large motherboards, there is usually the major concern of lack of adequate cooling.

The world's first implementation of a dual Slot 1 processor (750Mhz) server in a 1U chassis was based on the RC0101 UltraCooled SuperServer chassis.

Available in beige or black powder coat

©2000 CCSI Patent pending