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  • Feature dual high-speed processors, with Thermally-Correct™ cooling technology to adequately cool the processors when fully loaded. Adequately cooled CPU’s don’t throttle back operating speed, and don’t fail or have shortened life from overheating.
  • Utilize Quadra-Side™ enclosure cooling to bring outside cooling air to each processor; air is drawn in from the front and left side, and expelled in the rear and right side. Hot air is not recirculated within the enclosure.
  • Provide redundant CPU cooling blowers: if one fails, both CPU’s are still cooled adequately by the other one. Each blower is 30 cfm at 1” water column pressure.
  • Use CCSI Wind Tunnel™ to direct airflow from the blowers over custom copper CPU heatsinks for Thermally Correct™ cooling.
  • Have space provided for 1 hard drive.
  • Are made with all connections accessible from the front; there is no need to open the rear.
  • Server can be easily removed and replaced without tools.
  • Offer Tyan monitor software enables remote monitoring of CPU temperature, fan speed, power supply voltages, etc