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Pentium Full-size ISA Card

Processor : For ZIF Socket 7 Processor
Intel Pentium Processor P54C/P55C(MMX), AMD K5/K6,Cyrix M1/M2
BIOS : 256KB Award /AMI Flash BIOS
Chipset : Intel 430TX
Cache : On-board 512KB L2
System memory : FPM/EDO/SDRAM up to 256MB
Memory module : SIMM x4 & DIMM x2
VGA : S3 375 VGA chip
On board 1MB display memory, expandable to 2 MB
Resolution up to 1280 x1024 at 256 colors
Solid State Disk : Flash disk (DiskOnChip) up to 72MB
Health Monitoring: Support CPU temperature alarm
On board IDE : Ultra DMA/33 IDE port x2 (up to 4 IDE devices)
On board I/O : Floppy port x1 (up to 2 floppy devices)
Serial ports x2 (RS-232 x1 & RS-232/422/485 x 1)
Parallel port x1 (SPP/EPP/ECP)
PS/2 Keyboard port x1 (Mini-Din)
PS/2 Mouse port x1 (Mini-Din)
USB ports x2
Size : 338 x 122 mm (13.3" x 4.8")

Pentium Half-size ISA Card

CPU: Pentium processor P54C/P55C(MMX),AMD K5/K6, Cyrix M1/M2
BIOS: 128KB Flash
Chipset: SIS5598 with Ultra DMA-33
Cache: On-board 256KB L2
System memory: FPM/EDO DRAM up to128MB Memory module:SIMM x2
Memory module: SIMM x2
VGA: SIS5598 / XGA CRT resolution up to 1280x1024 at 256 colors
Solid State Disk: Flash disk (DiskOnChip) up to 72MB
Other features: Two serial ports (RS-232x1 & RS-232/422/485 x1), Two USB ports